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Level up your Sales

At Saprex we help businesses grow their sales, predictability of the pipeline and improve the efficiency of the sales team. How? by giving effective sales training, coaching, and guidance.

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Is your B2B sales team currently struggling with:

Missing alignment

Sales process and buying process aren't  aligned causing longer cycles and low win rates

Low predictability and lower win rates

Sales and sales management have different views on probability of a close due to not speaking the same language on deals and the probability of closing

Presenting real solutions

Presenting solution without basing it on real and confirmed business issues

Other Problems

Other problems include: how to handle authority, presenting and confidence

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How we can help you:

We are proud to be an authorized partner delivering the values of Richardson Sales Performance.

Training kit

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Deliver training from the curriculum of Richardson Sales Performance as well as customised solutions combining multiple resources and leveraging our 35 years of sales experience

Management Kit

Training is not just the end. We provide reinforcement, coaching and management practices which drills a new way of working into the DNA of the team. This is done through opportunities and pipeline reviews. In the end the team will have their own champions acting as coach


Being an authorized business partner of Richardson Sales Performance brings a wealth of content and guaranteed delivery across the globe. The ecosystem of Richardson Sales Performance works in more than 50 countries over 100 experienced facilitators bringing growth to our clients

Other Solutions

Other coaching activities include the notion of Storytelling which is one of the important assets while delivering presentations

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What others say

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Tom Lacey - Quintly

Freek worked closely with our Sales team during the entire training process... Before training consultation, the training itself and even follow up after our training which was excellent service. We can already see the results working as we use his approach on top of our own ways of working. Freek has many years of experience and we could see this with his attention to detail in his presentation and how he explained everything to us. I recommend Freek at any time. Thank you Freek and we will be in touch once again for a refresher course.

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Freek van Wendel de Joode

Freek van Wendel de Joode is a sales veteran with experience in both product sales as well as consultancy sales. He knows what it takes to be successful in this role. He used his experience to help other teams grow.

Since 2013 he has been active in training and coaching initially  next to his other assignments.

Today he is 100% focused on training and coaching.

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