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Our Story

    Authorized partner Richardson Sales Performance

Freek started his sales career in 1987 with McCormack & Dodge. In those days a premier vendor of financial systems on mainframes. This was a perfect learning as well as successful time. Prior to that he graduated in business accounting at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and served as a lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands Navy. During his college period, he worked as a teacher in economics and accounting. Today he occasionally trains high school students to prepare for the exams. 

In his sales career, he worked as account manager as well sales manager managing teams in the information technology industry, both software and services. Having worked with quota and achieving them gave him a lot of hands on experience to help sales teams grow.

During the past 8 years he has been training and coaching groups initially next to his regular job. 

He worked with the Solution Selling Methodology of Sales Performance International. Next to this he also has experience with other programs from this company. After the merger between Sales Performance International and Richardson Freek became an authorized partner of Richardson Sales Performance. 

Freek today is full time active in the training and coaching domain 

Prior to this he worked in 2 of the big 5 consultancy firms where he also did internal training and coaching next to business development. These were EY and KPMG.

His sales career also gave him experience in technology companies like Oracle, SAP, Hyperion, Hitachi Data Systems, Misys Banking Systems and his first job at McCormack & Dodge. More details on his LinkedIn profile.

For training he worked with ICT companies as well as for example an advisory firm in food safety and more recently with a company delivering solutions for performance tracking of social media. He also delivers sessions on Story Telling; Presentation techniques  and Large Account Management.

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